made with infusion of distilled 
flowers and natural extracts.

bottles 50cl and 10cl
Rattafia, Sambuca, Coffee, Amaro, Gentian, Amaretto, Licorice.


The term ratafià, also locally referred to as ratafia or rataffia, refers to any type of liqueur composed of an infusion based on fruit juices and alcohol. Very sweet, juicy and fruity liqueur prepared with whole or pitted visciole, red wine, alcohol and sugar.
This appreciated digestive with a fruity aftertaste and a red-purple color, also mentioned by Gabriele D'Annunzio, has a unique scent, in some areas of Lazio, it is usual to add a few drops of coffee, as well as cinnamon and vanilla.
Alcohol content 17° vol


Sambuca is an Italian sweet liqueur, whose essential base is made with water, sugar and essential oils of the star anise variety and subsequently processed through the use of various natural herbs in variable numbers, which serve as flavoring agents of the liqueur itself.


One of the most popular flavor, appreciated from Italian customs and worldwide. An unforgettable taste to enjoy the pleasure of Italian excellence. A taste that perfume makes us return to visit Italy


Amaretto is not a bitter but an aromatic almond-based liqueur. Good as a digestive, its bitter taste lends itself very well to accompany sweets, fruits and desserts. Italian liqueur with over half a century of life